The Redemption Project Transforming lives...from the inside out The Redemption Project Transforming lives...from the inside out

Our non profit Agent is Character Be about it (501C3)

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                                      Over the past 30 years America’s prison population has increased to more than 2 million, representing the world’s highest

                                    rate of incarceration. The costs associated with this growth have been well documented and is summarized in the 2015 Bureau of

                                    Justice Report stating “Total state spending on corrections is approximately $80 billion per year, the bulk of which is spent on

                                    state prisons. In the previous twenty years, goods and services associated with the corrections system across the nation

                                    quadrupled, making it the second fastest growing expense of state budgets, trailing only Medicaid.


                                     A current national recidivism rate of 47% means that the majority of incarcerated individuals return to state prison within three

                                     years of their release.


                                     While the costs associated with America’s incarceration has been scrutinized, the examination of outcomes receives less

                                     attention. What are the costs to the under served communities to which released former inmates return: health systems,

                                     schools, public safety, wasted human capital? The Redemption Project offers a multidisciplinary solution to a complex,

                                     multifaceted problem, transforming lives of youth, men and women from schools and juvenile centers, inside correctional

                                     institutions through re-entry back to the community.


                                     The Redemption Project has received approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to launch our program in

                                     20 of their 26 correctional facilities along with 35 prisons in the State of California. Also, TRP is set to implement our Character

                                     Building / Aggression Replacement Training modules   within 250 Juvenile Centers and 100+ schools.



 THE REDEMPTION PROJECT Who We Are The Redemption Project (TRP), based in Chalfont, Pa., is an evidenced-based program whose mission is to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline and reduce inmate recidivism at state correctional institutions nationally. TRP is a multi-dimensional organization that creates opportunities for individuals to transform their own lives by fostering behavioral changes that promote personal responsibility, environmental stewardship, cultural competency and positive contributions to society. Our dedicated team of physicians, psychologists, nutritionists, educators, and trainers are examining and addressing the conditions that contribute to the school-to- prison pipeline and inmate recidivism challenge with education, skills development and transition support services or students, teens and adults throughout the United States. Additionally, we have assembled a well-credentialed advisory council to offer program consultation, research, best practices, standards and performance monitoring.





                       The Program


                                 The Redemption Project offers a non-accredited certificate from various major academic institutions. The courses are designed for each

                               participant to receive an activity-based curriculum that is facilitated by an instructor through hands-on training, classroom learning and

                               on-line instruction. The is composed of the following:

 Green Landscaping This program seeks to prepare inmates with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for employment in the emerging field of green landscaping and storm water infrastructure.


 Nutrition This course provides participants a platform to identify a healthy eating style and build it throughout their lifetime.


 Internship Upon release, the student will enter a 3- month internship with a company that reflects the field of training in which they chose and completed.


 Culinary Concepts This course will introduce participants to healthy vegan cooking and eating.


 Green Cleaning Inmates will learn a holistic system of housekeeping that protects the health of people and reduces harm to the environment, indoor or outdoor.


 Job Development Program employment specialist’s source job opportunities in industries specifically related to the inmate’s recently acquired skills and training.


 Character Building This module was developed by a twenty- year veteran of the Pennsylvania State Police force and utilizes a teaching method that fosters the development of ethical and responsible individuals by teaching them about the good values that people should have.


 Sustainable Living Sustainability education addresses the participant in ways that are explicitly focused on economic viability, environmental integrity and social equity.


 Mentoring Our mentoring component, which is delivered by health and business professionals, is based on the belief that mentoring can help ease inmate re-entry by providing both practical and emotional support.






                                                    THE REDEMPTION PROJECT

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 OUR TEAM LEADERSHIP Our leadership team consists of business professionals who have been CEO’s, entrepreneurs and corporate executives at various companies and bring a wealth of management expertise and industry experience to The Redemption Project. Our executive team includes: Michael Ledbetter, Chairman / CEO has more than 30 years of core business management experience in the electronics industry. He began his career working for private contractors from 1986 -1999 for Fairchild semiconductor/ National semiconductor and EG&G Reticon specifically on the Trident ll nuclear Missile guidance systems. Ledbetter was a part of team that won an award from the National Association of Broadcasters for a best new technology in 2004. He was also a part of the executive management team for a chain of 14 vegetarian/vegan restaurants that operated in several countries including U.S., Israel, West Africa, the Caribbean, and England. As president of EcoGlobal Solutions and World’sNest Plant to Plate in the U.S., Michael has worked with the leading innovators of sustainability in the areas of renewable energy, housing, water processing and manufacturing. He also serves as the Vice President & Vice Chairman of Character be about it (501C3). Matthew L. Harris, Vice President - Matt is the founder and President of All About Character Inc., and Character Be About It Program. For 20 years, Matt has served and protected the citizens of Pennsylvania as a State Trooper. During that time, he saw the importance of putting others first and that made it easy for him to want to give back and go into prevention mode. In 2013, Matt formed a non-profit call All About Character Inc., which teaches K-8 students important character traits. The evidenced-based program is taught by trained active law enforcement and has grown from one school to over one hundred in five years. Phil Walker, Executive VP/Market Development An accomplished senior-level business development executive and entrepreneur with a 30+ year record of achievement and demonstrated success driving multi-million dollar revenue growth while providing visionary leadership in highly competitive markets. In a career that includes: corporate sales executive for various Fortune 500 companies, multi- unit franchise business ownership, founder of three business start-ups, board member for several non-profits and member of the 1978 NBA World Champion Washington Bullets, Phil has significant and diverse business experience across multiple end markets and geographic regions. Dr. Paul Hopkins N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathy), Advisory Board Dr. Paul is a Internationally Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Ghanian Traditional Healer and Special Consultant to the United Nations (ECOSOC) branch focusing on the International 17 SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals).Dr. Paul has 30 plus years in the pharmaceutical, medical, research, and holistic health industry for Cultural Evidence base community programs. Dr. Paul is a Master Trainer Certified in Chronic Disease Self Management 2007. He is a published evidence based researcher in the Gerontologist Magazine, Dec. 2008. "Chronic Disease Self-Management Case Study". Program Titled: "Harvest Health". He is a member of the 2004 "SHARE" award wining program evidence based program "Fulani", an African American Men's Health Program. Currently he is the Host of "The Green Hour" radio show on WURD 900AM and 96.1FM radio airing every Sunday in Philadelphia PA. He also has been facilitating several community based holistic health programs, services, and weekly seminars for men, women, children and the entire human family for over 16 years. Mark Dubuclet, VP of Media - Mark Anthony Dubuclet has over 30 years of experience in the Music, Film and Television industry. His production experience has varied as a Producer, Writer, Musician, Audio Engineer, Video Editor, Graphic Artist and Cinematographer. Mark has a diverse roster of clients including major Corporations such as Motown, NBC/Universal Studios, A&M, MCA, Sony, RCA, TV ONE, Encore, National Cable TV Association, Viacom, The Movie Channel Broadcasting, GEMA (German FED REP Network), IMRO (Ireland Television Broadcasting), SIAE (Italy Television Network), SACM (Movie Channel of Mexico), SAMRO (South African Television), ZAIKS (Polish Broadcasting), STIM (Swedish Television Networks), Compass Television (Singapore). Cass C. Wright M.S., Director of Education works tirelessly on behalf of all high school students and their families. Cass believes that all students should have the opportunity to attend some form of post-secondary education. Cass further believes that all parents and mentors should be given the correct information to make sound decisions. This belief began during the more than a decade that Cass spent as an assistant middle and high school principal/ behavior specialist with the Erie School District. As the number of counselors dwindled over the years, and students weren’t getting the help they needed, Cass developed Pathways to Post- Secondary Education. It was a curriculum designed to give students the information they needed to attend some form of post-secondary education with complete funding in hand. Not only did Cass give students a curriculum, but he was also there to assist with their transition to post-secondary education upon graduation. The combination of his tireless work ethic and phenomenal success with Pathways made Cass a prime candidate to join the Uncommon Individual Foundation in 2012. It was there that he created OnTrack to Post-Secondary Education and Beyond, which is e-Learning based program that provided educational training to students around the world.






      The Redemption Project provides a comprehensive solution to state and local governments, correctional institutions and other societal stakeholders for reducing

recidivism and employment. We promote healthy lifestyles while empowering inmates to make sustainable personal changes that positively impact society.


For more information on The Redemption Project,  contact VP Matthew L. Harris at

1-888-748-4473 ext 702.


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