For many young people, our schools are increasingly a gateway to the criminal justice system. The school-to-prison pipeline starts (or is best avoided)

                          in the classroom! Students from two groups—racial minorities and children with disabilities—are disproportionately represented in the school-to-prison



                          Data suggests that incarcerating juveniles, at tremendous cost, serves to reduce their educational attainment and increase the probability of incarceration

                          as an adult.


                         Join us in this important effort to address this volatile issue facing our country! For too long, we have tried with minimal results to solve the problem of

                         mass incarceration while improving the relationship between police officers and our communities, and it's only going to get worse.


                         The Redemption Project is taking a deep dive into this issue and we need your help! Become an Ambassador!


                         Level 1 Ambassador/Spokesperson - Adopt at least one city

                         Level 2 Ambassador/Spokesperson - Adopt at least one school, juvenile facility or Prison system.

                         Level 3 Ambassador - Support TRP media campaign with cities, schools, juvenile centers and/or Prison system.


                         We as a nation have to do more than observe this denigration of our social fabric. Let’s roll up our sleeves and check our moral compass and become

                         Ambassadors to a solution.


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 " The timing of a program like TRP couldn't be any better.

I believe a program

like this will help our communities feel a

sense of hope that has been lost. I support it 100%."



Ambassador Michael Beach



      The Redemption Project provides a comprehensive solution to state and local governments, correctional institutions and other societal stakeholders for reducing

recidivism and employment. We promote healthy lifestyles while empowering inmates to make sustainable personal changes that positively impact society.


For more information on The Redemption Project,  contact VP Matthew L. Harris at

1-888-748-4473 ext 702.


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