Juvenile Facilities


                                                      TRP’s second level of evidence-based programming focuses on keeping juveniles out of the system upon their release using CBAI’s

                                                     Aggressive Replacement Training (ART) and Counselors Advantage for Success (CAPS) programs. According to data from University

                                                     of Cincinnati & Penn State, ART addresses the moral reasoning, skill streaming and anger control in juveniles making them less likely

                                                     to re-offend. The Counselors Advantage for Success (CAPS) program mentors juveniles upon release, providing detailed information

                                                     about post- secondary education offering with financial assistance and job opportunities in coordination with probation and parole agencies.




      The Redemption Project provides a comprehensive solution to state and local governments, correctional institutions and other societal stakeholders for reducing

recidivism and employment. We promote healthy lifestyles while empowering inmates to make sustainable personal changes that positively impact society.


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