The Character Be About It Program and All About Character Inc., is the NON-PROFIT arm of The Redemption Project.


                                                         The first level includes character development, under the oversight of Character Be About It, (CBAI) serving grade K-8 students.  By

                                                         teaching and modeling the proper temperament in the classroom, youth are deterred from the path that leads to prison. Using trained

                                                         active troopers / law enforcement in the classroom, CBAI’s 34-week program teaches essential character traits to young learners and

                                                         cultivates a positive relationship with law enforcement. In addition to CBAI, other stakeholders committed to the program include University

                                                         of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Pearl S. Buck International (cultural competency assessment and training for officers and teachers)

                                                         and Penn State University providing independent evaluation of the program, including pre-post testing to measure achievement of results.




      The Redemption Project provides a comprehensive solution to state and local governments, correctional institutions and other societal stakeholders for reducing

recidivism and employment. We promote healthy lifestyles while empowering inmates to make sustainable personal changes that positively impact society.


For more information on The Redemption Project,  contact VP Matthew L. Harris at

1-888-748-4473 ext 702.


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