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 Sponsorship Opportunities We hope you will join other businesses in being a Corporate Sponsor of The Redemption Project events and programs. The Redemption Project has received approval to implement our Character Building/Aggression Replacement Training modules within 250 Juvenile Centers and 100+ schools. Also, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is ready to launch our program in 20 of their 26 correctional facilities along with 35 prisons in the State of California. 1. 104 Schools - The first level includes character development, under the oversight of Character Be About It, (CBAI) serving grade K-8 students. By teaching and modeling the proper temperament in the classroom, youth are deterred from anti-bullying and pursuing a path that leads to prison. Using trained active troopers / law enforcement in the classroom, CBAI’s 34-week program teaches essential character traits to young learners and cultivates a positive relationship with law enforcement. In addition to CBAI, other stakeholders committed to the program include University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Pearl S. Buck International (cultural competency assessment and training for officers and teachers) and Penn State University providing independent evaluation of the program, including pre-post testing to measure achievement of results. 2. 250 Juvenile Detention Centers - TRP’s second level of evidence-based programming focuses on keeping juveniles out of the system upon their release using CBAI’s Aggressive Replacement Training (ART) and Counselors Advantage for Success (CAPS) programs. According to data from University of Cincinnati & Penn State, ART addresses the moral reasoning, skill streaming and anger control in juveniles making them less likely to re-offend. The Counselors Advantage for Success (CAPS) program mentors juveniles upon release, providing detailed information about post- secondary education offerings with financial assistance and job opportunities in coordination with probation and parole agencies. 3. 55 State Correctional Centers - The third level of TRP focuses on reducing the recidivism rate of inmates by providing an array of training opportunities that lead to becoming productive citizens. Thru our partnerships with key academic institutions, TRP has developed a curriculum to help reduce current recidivism trends for inmates that meet the eligibility criteria, such as completing Character Be About It (CBAI) & Aggressive Replacement Training (ART). Currently, Pennsylvania's prisons are operating at 115% of their inmate capacity. The inmate population is growing faster than the general population. TRP’s multilevel approach will develop the potential for productivity while reducing the costs to the community associated with incarceration. Benefits of Sponsorship ▪ Recognition of community involvement and support of youth development and adult education. ▪ Depending on the sponsorship level, company recognition as a Corporate Sponsor on selected promotional materials, social media, direct mail, advertising media, and website page of event or program. ▪ Sponsorships are tax deductible as allowable by law through the All About Character, Inc., a non-profit tax-exempt 509(a) and 501(c)(3) organization. Federal Tax ID – 46-3950326 Summary Your support of our programs will have a significant impact on the ability of The Redemption Project and All About Character, Inc. to provide quality training for youth and workforce development along with adult education to our communities.



      The Redemption Project provides a comprehensive solution to state and local governments, correctional institutions and other societal stakeholders for reducing

recidivism and employment. We promote healthy lifestyles while empowering inmates to make sustainable personal changes that positively impact society.


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